Who We Are

We work with clients of all sizes and industries to develop business visions and strategies for their Sales and Service & Support organizations that achieve long term, measurable success through truly transformed customer relationships.
The focus on delivering value is core to our company’s culture. We work with our clients to target and achieve real value. The experience- levels of our consulting team is what sets us apart with an average of more than 15 years relevant work experience with a broad range of skills across industry, business process, and technology.
Tektronics has established a strong track record as a valued partner delivering impactful results to over 50 leading companies around the globe.
Our successful projects range from enabling transformations of our clients’ Service & Support and Sales organizations to significantly improving their customer-facing processes to deploying leading technologies for their businesses.

Our Cients

Our strongest advocates at Tektronics are our customers. We have had tremendous growth since our inception in 2008. This is totally attributable to our tremendous customers and the referrals they do for us.